Reporting Procedures

Please review your organization’s grant acknowledgement letter for the report deadline. To submit your grant report, please proceed as follows:

Log In to the Grants Portal

  • If you need to reset your password, or to add a new staff member to the grants portal, please contact the foundation’s grants manager, Araceli Ayala. Araceli can be reached at or 415-561-6540 x274.
  • Once logged in to the grants management portal, click the “Grant Reports to Complete” icon, and then click the link to the appropriate grant report.
  • We encourage you to draft responses to the narrative questions in a word processing program (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) and then copy + paste into the online report form.
  • Save frequently using the “Save Draft” button, as the form will not auto-save your work. This will also allow you to log out and return to your work. Whenever exiting the portal, be sure to log out before closing the page or browser.
  • Click the “Submit” button once you have completed the narrative questions and uploaded any attachments. The report cannot be edited once it is submitted. You will receive an email confirming that your report has been received.
  • To download a PDF version of your submitted report, open the submitted report and click the “Printable Grant Report” button.