Grantmaking Strategy

Middle School Youth Success

We believe all youth – particularly underserved youth – deserve access to high-quality and enriching social-emotional and academic learning opportunities. Participating in these opportunities, whether in school or out of school, opens young people’s eyes to new possibilities, helps them build positive supportive relationships with caring adults and their peers, and increases the likelihood that they will stay in school. By supporting the skill development that youth need to persist through high school and graduate, we help put them on a path to live fulfilling lives and become positive contributors to society.

For further context on our middle school youth success focus, please read the Crescent Porter Hale Foundation’s commissioned Landscape Analysis by Threlfall Consulting.

Safety Net

The foundation recognizes that food insecurity is a growing crisis in the Bay Area, and that food programs are essential to help people avoid homelessness. Additionally, we know that seniors are a particularly vulnerable population: they are the fastest growing age group and many struggle to meet their basic needs when faced with a high cost of living. We believe that by providing targeted funding to local food programs, we can help more seniors to improve their quality of life, reduce isolation, and age well.

K-8 Catholic School Scholarships

We believe that Catholic education (K-8) offers one of the best opportunities for underserved children to receive a quality education and be immersed in a community that provides both the social-emotional and academic supports needed to put them on a pathway to graduate from high school. Studies have shown that youth who finish middle school in good standing have a much higher rate of high school graduation.

For information on applying for support, please view our grantmaking guidelines.